Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Sweet Give Away

As we get ready for school, it's important to remember to take some time for ourselves (vacation is over yet!).  Mrs. Shepherd has this in mind and is giving away a gift card to Bath  & Body Works. Mosey on over to her blog, My Second Grade Journal to enter.
Taking some time for ourselves is important during the school year too. My favorite escape is reading, especially historical fiction. I can curl up anywhere with a good book. Some of my favorite authors are Diane Geist and Cathy Marie Hake.
I also like to exercise to work out the stress from the day. Did I really just say that? It's true. A quick ride on the bike, zumba, or a kettle bell workout is a wonderful stress release.
So, how do you "get away form it all"? Share your ideas here and lets help each other have a less stressful year!

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