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New Items
It felt like Christmas today when I was given a $50 PO to Learning Zone. I was so surprised I didn't know what to get! After walking around and around the store I finally settled on the following:
Math 4 Today, Grade 2
LOVE this book! I've used it before as recursive review in the classroom,
but am thinking of using it for homework this year.

Read 4 Today, Grade 2
The Reading version of the book above. Again, for homework or recursive review in class.

Love the formatting in these books. There is a recursive review activity for Mon. - Thur. and then a quiz on Friday. Quick, simple, easy. I also bought Write 4 Today (Language Arts review), a couple of charts, and class decor items. 
What are some resources you just "have to have"? 

Elementary Academy
This week I attended 4 workshops at our district's Elementary Academy. So many wonderful ideas, activities and freebies! Here are some of my faves:
A Styro-Phone as part of our technology unit.

Water Cycle Bracelet. Blue=Precipitation; Green=Run Off;
Yellow=Evaporation; Pink=Condensation; and Blue for Precipitation again.

Cookie Island! Students use food items to make an island
and then draw a map of their island before eating it :)
Brown frosting for soil; Blue frosting for water; Green coconut for grass;
Hershey Kiss for mountains; Chocolate chips for hills; Andes mint for plateau.
I also received some amazing free resources. I highly recommend the following:

From Fontas & Pinnel. "A collection of precise language to use when
teaching, prompting for, and reinforcing effective strategic actions in reading and writing".

Sample page from Prompting Guide

Book of fluency strategies from Scholastic. 

Writing Folders v.2
I've already posted about the writing folders (see below) and while shopping for the folders in WalMart today I had an idea.....What if I bought 24 folders with prongs / pockets and 24 without? The folders will be assembled the same way except instead of using the binding machine, I will use a 3 hole punch and the prongs to assemble the folders. I will post pics to let you know if this works!

Awesome Writing Workshop Folders
Great idea from Mrs. M's blog. Writing Workshop folders. Going to give it a try :) Visit her blog to see step by step instructions on how to make them.


  1. Hi have done this and it does work but I trimmed the "inside folders" so they would wind up being the same length and the outside folders. I'n surprised you didn't see it when you came to my class. :)


  2. I want to sub on the cookie island day! :-) --Rachel--