Foldable Fiesta

3 Pocket Organizer: Urban, Suburban, Rural Communities

Students wrote the characteristics
of each community on back of
pocket and drew picture
of community on index cards.

Layer Book on Basic Needs
Several Examples

Close Up
Inside View
Do you use foldables in your classroom? After attending a Dinah Zike workshop, I am motivated to use these amazing creations with my class. I've already looked at the first units for math and science / social studies and found some spots where using a foldable for the lesson will add some zing. Share your ideas / lessons for using foldables here.
Dinah Zike AcademyWhat are foldables you ask? Visit Dinah Zikes website for more information. And if you get a chance, attend a workshop!

Dinah has created a new site specifically for notebook foldables. Check it out!

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  1. I just made a video about my favorite three!

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