Saturday, July 23, 2011

Overwhelmed By The New Of It All

As the beginning of school approaches, I've started getting things ready for the first day / week. And it dawned on me how much was new. Not just new school year kind of new, but brand spanking new. Let me give you an idea:

  1. New grade level
  2. New grade level team
  3. New classroom
  4. New grade level of both the new math and reading adoptions
  5. New curriculum
  6. New schedule
  7. New procedures (HW, guided math, math stations, etc...)
  8. Oh, and the regular new school year kind of new
About the only thing that isn't new is my class. 

While I'm very excited about everything, it can get a tad overwhelming. What's a girl to do? I've just been tackling one thing at a time and enjoying my last few weeks before things get really busy! Can a blog become therapy? I think so. Oh, and chocolate helps :)

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