Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Dinner Dilemma

This is not a teaching idea, but it does solve the age old question "What's for dinner?"  I just finished planning all of our dinners for the month. Not making them, just planning them. It seems like a huge undertaking, but it's really quite simple and the time it took to do it will save me plenty of aggravation later. 
This is what I did: I sat down and listed all of the dinners we eat. I made a list of 31 entries. Ok, the list was actually 30 and I doubled up on one. Anyway, the list is 31 dinners in all. Next, I went into Google calendar and created a Dinner calendar where I entered all the dinners. I paid attention not to have tacos, spaghetti, or whatever two nights in one week or too close together. 
Now, I won't come home and stare into the pantry wondering what I'm going to fix for dinner. It's already done. What are some of your organizational tips for the home?

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