Monday, October 10, 2011

Where Have I Been?

It seems I've been gone forever! I thought that as I got into the swing of things at school, things would settle down a bit and I would be able to post more often. While some things have settled down, other things have been kicked up and swirled all over the place!
I'm so happy I decided to loop with my class. If you ever get the chance to do so, go for it!! The beginning of the year was so easy! Instead of teaching my class my expectations for behavior, turning in classwork, jobs, etc...I only had to review and remind them. Same thing with the parents. Plus all my reading groups were already set up and most of the stuff I spend hours putting names on was already complete! What a time saver, and I needed every minute!
Work Stations for Guided Math are up and running and I plan to meet with groups (the way I'm supposed to) this week. Same thing for Guided Reading. This may seem like a late start, but with all the beginning of the year assessments that had to be completed, I feel like I'm right on schedule. TPRI, IRI, Math tests, admin meetings, name it!
All in all, this year has had a great start and I'm so excited for the rest of it! The days go by so fast, I hope I can keep up.
What have been your successes so far? What have you struggled with? What do you need help with?

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  1. Please share your math group activities and stations. I've got reading under control finally but would love to do it with math too!
    Danielle Daigle
    And this is just my first year in second I have always taught first.